And I’m done

Stick a fork in me!  No more marinating, no more procrastinating, no more “no diploma” me, no more!

I had a quick and easy revision to my paper (financial template) and it was over.

I suggest the bootcamp and going through all of the materials – powerpoints and checklist.

It’s bitter sweet and yet sad at the same time.  I had fun going through the WGU program and the journey it took to complete it all.

I transferred in only 15 CU’s, took 6 terms (5 full-time and the one part-time for the Capstone) to get to 130 CU’s in the end (I went over the required CU’s because I switched Majors).  I did 32, 19, 18, 26, 16, 4.  I could have finished a lot sooner, but I didn’t want to stress out quite so much.  After the first term and knocking out some fairly easier courses, some of the others did take longer.

I’m not sure if I’ll do a Masters yet, but it is a consideration.

Suggestions for new people or people exploring WGU as an option.

Use your resources – Facebook and the WGU Schools App, maybe Reddit some

If you get stuck, don’t stay there!  Get help!  You can ask others or get with your Student Mentor or Course Mentor.  If you have a bad mentor, switch.  Don’t worry about offending someone, it’s your education.

In the WGU Schools app, use the search feature before asking questions.  For any questions, include the class name AND the course number.  Don’t judge your progress based off of others, it will more than likely only disappoint you as there are only a few Super people who can accelerate as fast as they do.  Life may get in the way and that’s ok, just don’t let it derail you.  Not everyone can spend their whole day on school work and hats off to you with kids/jobs, etc. who are getting through this.

Some classes are easy, some are hard.  For the hard ones, a lot of time we build up how hard we think the class will be and it’s not always the case.  Some classes people said were hard were actually easy for me.  I had one class out of all of them I didn’t pass the OA on my first try and I missed it by one question.  I had a couple of papers out of all of them I had to revise so I feel pretty lucky to not have had to struggle too much to get through some of the classes.

WGU is about taking initiative, studying at your own pace and being in control of your own destiny.  For most of us, it’s been long overdue for us to finish our degrees so your motivation will only take you so far.  You must be determined and never give up.

Till we meet again,

Go Night Owls!







And I’m done

The end is near

So, after 3 years my journey is about to end.

It’s quite bittersweet and a lot has happened over that course of time.

I submitted my Capstone yesterday finally.  I had 1 month left in the last term and wasn’t able to finish before the term was over.  However, in looking back I probably could have knocked it out once I really got going.  I completed about 40% of it and had to enroll in another term.  Good thing is, you can enroll part-time if you only have a few CU’s left and it’s significantly cheaper.  Just something good to know of and be aware of if you find yourself in this situation.  Even though I enrolled in a new term, I waited once again until I had 1 month left to complete the class.  Not the best thing to do, but hopefully I won’t have any revisions and will finally be done 24yrs later!

The final countdown to task stream stalking.  I’ve been watching for a day and 1/2 and it’s crazy how the queue can get stuck at #3 for a few hours and you have to wait THAT MUCH longer.  Oh well, just sit and marinate and wait……………….

The Capstone wasn’t as hard as I thought it was initially.  I attended a few boot camps and followed the power points and checklist.  Those are my tips, make sure if you get stuck you get help.


The end is near

C708 Principles of Finance

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything.
I took a month off after my last class and then I’ve been working on this class ever since.  Which has been about 1 1/2 months.

Let me just say, this class gave me the most difficulty out of any of the others!

Even more so than Science and Business law………which is saying a lot.

I think this class was just setup poorly and a lot of the other students who have posted about this have had a hard time as well.  I am just VERY glad I passed on the first try!

At first, the class and terminology did not make any sense.  I would say, push on!  It will take a lot of repetition and practice for things to come together.  There is a new “roadmap” with some videos that may prove helpful.

For me, I watched some videos and then got to a point of just going over the practice tests.  I did resort to using a Wyzant tutor (not a widely known and available thing) which helped some, but you have to be able to tell them what you want to go over.  Which I found hard when I didn’t understand what I didn’t understand.  I used Eric and Milena who were both great.

The main tips I have for the class are to go over the PA questions and make sure you can do those comfortably as well as understand why the answers are what they are.  Also, do the end of chapter quizzes in the book as well as the Final Prep and do the same as the PA.  MAKE SURE you understand the WHY behind the answer as it may show up on the test in a different formed question.  Know TVM, Bonds, Financial Statements, calculating CFF and your calculator well.  I started with a TI-84 and switched over to the BA II Plus for the CFF function as it was easier.  I used EVERY minute of the exam which was 3hrs, going through everything I knew and then going through my “bookmarked” questions afterwards as they took a little longer.  Also, sometimes previous questions may help you answer future questions.  Hope this helps!

Now, onto the Capstone which I have 2 weeks to complete as my term ends then!!!!!!!!

C708 Principles of Finance

Business IT Mgmt Portfolio

Well, well, we’ll. This one was particularly easy outside of knowing what to do and how to do it. If you have a resume, you’re 20% done! If you have the exhibits for this, you’re 40% done! The strengths, career outlook and reflection parts weren’t too difficult. Just be sure to use APA formatting and follow the rubric to ensure all requirements are met. I didn’t have any revisions which made it all that much quicker and easier.

Onto C708 Principles of Finance. This one does not look fun and seems like it will be pretty complicated. At least I will have extra time now that I only have this class and the Capstone left along with 11 weeks to go. I may need it for this one and the Capstone which can take a while as well.

2 more to go….2 more to go…..

And I don’t know if I will walk at this point. It’d be cool to, but I’ll have been graduated for 4-5 months by then.

Business IT Mgmt Portfolio

Managerial Accounting – UFC1

Finally, one step closer!  I wasted a better part of the month not doing anything for this class.  But, I realized I needed to make sure I stay on track and complete 1 class a month in order to finish my Degree this term.  I’ve been studying for a few weeks, not too much, but going over a lot of the general material and listening to some of the videos.

This class was very different for me to start.

I could not for the life of me figure out the best approach to the class.  I think all of the formulas were intimidating and I did not understand what I was doing for the longest time.

After going through various things – Recorded cohorts, powerpoints, supplemental Youtube videos, practice tests I got to a point of over saturation.  I felt like I knew a lot, but I was not 100% certain if I knew enough to pass.  The formulas were the most intimidating for me but they really weren’t as hard as I thought they would be.  You also get a few displayed on the test, but they weren’t hardly even necessary.

I ended up with a 78% which was significantly higher than I thought I would get.  And I got 100% on a section which was a first.

A lot of the questions focused on things like budgets, some formulas, scorecard and a lot of the general Managerial Accounting questions about processes.  If you watch the Recorded cohorts, that can get you through pretty much all of it.  I did look at a lot of the supplemental materials that were provided as well.





Managerial Accounting – UFC1

Merry Christmas to me!

(Sung to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas)

It’s a few days past Christmas and WGU said to me, you just passed Principles of Account-ing!  Hahaha

Well, I failed the 2 PA’s for it.  One which was taken a year ago and the second was because I relied too heavily on the one taken a year ago in which the answers were wrong.  So, needless to say I studied up a bit on the PA questions/answers before taking the 3rd attempt.  The OA varied from the PA in the wording so you need to ensure you understand the principles taught in the PA questions.

I was not very confident about this class at all.  Even when I passed the last PA today, I wasn’t 100% sure I got it.  I did have a few moments recently as of even a few hours before the test where things clicked better than they had and a few light bulbs went off.
I ended up passing with a 74% when only 55% was needed so it wasn’t really even close, but Accounting is very confusing when it’s not something you’ve ever done before.

I did watch some online videos like CPA Strength for some fundamental info and edspira 

someone put together a WGU grouping of videos from edspira which I liked.

Merry Christmas to me!

The last term blues

Wow, I passed my first class in no time, but have stalled ever since.  I’m a month and 1/2 into this term and the second class – Principles of Accounting is just a challenge for me.  I have no prior Accounting experience so the concepts are totally foreign to me.  I did the PA a year ago just to see where I was and it was horrific – 43% and I think 60% is needed.

I’ve studied since and have grasped it a little more, but still feel like I’m reading Greek.  I really need to make sure I pass this class this month and given it’s close to Christmas that will be a challenge.

I need to stay on course with at least 1 class a month so I can complete my degree this term!  Just trying to challenge/motivate myself as I know the goal is so close and well worth finishing.

The last term blues

I fought Business Law and I won! C713

12 days in to the term and Yippee!  I was concerned about this one, but it ended up not being as hard as I thought.  I got 71% on the PA’s both times and a 72% on the OA which I was surprised by as during the test I was not totally certain of how well I did.  But considering you only need 60% to pass, it wasn’t as close as I thought.  There were surprisingly A LOT of questions about liability, so if you take this class study up on who would be liable in what scenario.  Labor, Agency and Employment laws were a bit heavy too along with the types of Organizations.

Now, onto the last 3 true classes – Principles of Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Principles of Finance……..not really looking forward to these, but they should all be related to a certain point.



I fought Business Law and I won! C713

Quantitative Analysis for Business C723

I passed this 9 days ago, but was slacking on posting the update.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be at first glance.  Having done Probability & Statistics, I feel that helped out with this course.  I scored an 80% on the test itself which I felt was pretty good considering I failed the first PA and got a 78% on the second PA.

Some of the specific areas like Linear Programming required some understanding along with Expected Value.  Decision Trees were probably the biggest component to understand for the Expected Value area.  Having done the PA, I realized some of the things I thought I knew weren’t correct and went back and studied the specific areas I scored the lowest in.  That is key to WGU and doing well and doing it fast.  Don’t get stuck on the course as a whole, break it up into pieces guided by the PA which shows you the weighted averages of the specific areas for the course.

Onto Business Law, this one is a beast as it covers A LOT of material!  End of the term is in 11 days (I won’t risk trying Business Law before that) and possibly the last term.






Quantitative Analysis for Business C723